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Invest in your image.

A wide variety of beautiful hair coloring and treatment services

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Say goodbye to frizzy or overly curly hair and say hello to smooth, shiny, and healthy hair that you will truly enjoy. Coloring and treatment services will keep your hair healthy as time goes on.


Consult with a DELLAQUILA beauty stylist today to see what may be best for you, and don't forget to check out the products page to see what you can bring home to care for your hair.

Highlights-full seating

$250 - $550*

Top panel highlights

$85 - $200*

Sprinkle of sunshine


Summer blonde




Single process


Color correction

consultation recommended

Keratin Cezanne

FORMALDEHYDE FREE smoothing/straightening treatment for a perfect finish. Lasting approximately 4-6 months



Smooths, shines, softens, eliminates frizz, instant manageability. Lasting approximately 3 months


For your pleasure and our commitment in performing each and every service with excellence, we kindly ask that you refrain from cell phone use during your services.

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Portrait (face frame)

$75 - $200*

*Additional costs may occur.